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Qualified, Certified and Medically Fit Seafarer

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Crew Manning Service

With vast experience of attending third party inspector such TMSA, SIRE and CDI Inspector, Port State Control Inspector and Terminal Inspector,  PT DSM ensure every seafarer documentation is properly maintained and controlled. We are using reliable in-house Crew Information System (CIS) for all the administration process and employ a team of individuals to work with each seafarer to ensure their joining and well-being onboard including:


  • Authentic and valid Seafarer Documents and Certification as per latest industrial standard
  • Checking that visas and other travelling documentation are valid
  • Ensuring that marine qualifications are in line with STCW 1978 as amended
  • Securing Flag state licenses in a timely manner where required


To find out more about our range of Crew Administration Services please call +62 30060300, email crew@dsmaritim.co.id