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Qualified, Certified and Medically Fit Seafarer

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Extensive Crew Network with over 10.000 Indonesian Seafarer Database

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Risk-Based Service

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Crew Administration Service

With more than 30 years experienced as former Crew Department of transnational tanker ship-owner and over 10,000 Indonesian seafarer in our Crew Information System database, we can provide full crew management services as follows:

·       Recruitment and Selection

Written examination as client specific

Reference checks

Computer based evaluation by CES 4.1

Maritime English test


·       Maintain Clients’ crew pool/crew matrix

Effective Rolling plan

Joining administration processing ad contracts

Collective Bargaining Agreement

Pre-post joining Medical checkup and Drug and Alcohol test

Pre joining briefing and familiarization

Follow up Protection & Indemnity Insurance

Crew Complaint procedure



·       Training & Development

Refresher course and In-house training

Training needs analysis

Career path

Cadet training scheme

Performance appraisal

Welfare programs


·       Multi-currency Crew Payroll and home allotment

Calculate client’s special allowance

Crew travel and lodging


Cost control


To find out more about our range of crew manning services please call +62 300600, email crew@dsmaritim.co.id